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Here you will find information regarding up coming L.A.R.A. hosted Amateur Radio Courses as well as links to other local clubs that host training courses

L.A.R.A. is presently looking for interested Amateurs wanting to participate in the Basic and Advanced Amateur Radio Operators Course.

All interested Parties should contact

LARA Monthly Meetings / Training sessions

Our Monthly Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month and are now held at the Douglas Recreation Centre 20550 Douglas Crescent in the City of Langley BC

A very Special Thank you to Tim Hortons at 21616 Fraser Hwy, Langley, BC for their Donations of Coffee and Timbits at our monthly meetings.

June 12th 2018 L.A.R.A. Meeting This was our last meeting before our summer break and mainly a buisness meeting. Our recent successes handling communications for the Langley MS walk, the upcoming Granfondo bike ride, and the Langley Good Times Cruisin. Thank you everyone for a great year, and I hope you all have a great summer. We look forward to seeing you all in September.

May 8th 2018 L.A.R.A. Meeting We were very lucky to have one of our newest members Yuuri VY1YU / VE7YUR / JS6SHS is involved in Tourism, and a World Traveller. On this occasion Yuuri shared with us the HF-North Project  HAM Radio Emergency Communications system in Whitehorse. YARA has an incredible hi Mountain repeater system installed and maintained by Helicopter. Thank you very much for this presentation Yuuri, we look forward to having you back again real soon.



April 10th 2018 L.A.R.A. Meeting A very special thank you to Mr David Barber VE7BU for his detailed explanation of RF fields, antennas and exactly how they work. David put on an exceptional and most informative talk. We are most great full, and hope to have him back again next year!


March 13th 2018 L.A.R.A. Meeting  we were very excited to welcome our very own Mr. Scott Charls VE7FYC and his talk on Transverters – Scott gave a most interesting talk covering our spectrum allowance transverters and there many uses. Scott is a wealth of information and We are very much looking forward to having him back again real soon…..


February 13th 2018 L.A.R.A. Meeting once again we were delighted to welcome back Mr David Barber VE7BU David is such a wealth of information this presentation covered the Digital program FLDIGI  David explained that Fldigi includes all the popular modes, such as DominoEX, MFSK16, PSK31, and RTTY. Amazingly, Fldigi is available for multiple computer operating systems; FreeBSD™; Linux™, OS X™ and Windows™. Thanks again David, we look forward to having you back again real soon.

January 9th 2018 L.A.R.A. Meeting A very special thanks to Mr Ted Lee VE7LEE for his fabulous presentation on APRS in Vancouver. please click this link to his web page to see his video. Thanks again Ted we hope to have you back again real soon !!

November 14th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting We are very excited to welcome Rebecca VA7BEC and her talk on the BCQSO Party During this event all stations and beams are pointed at BC ! it is a gift to anyone in BC wishing do do some contesting. We are hoping for a big turnout to Rebecca’s talk tell one and all…

October 10th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting We were very excited to welcome back our very special guest speaker MR David Barber VE7BU David did his wounderful presentation on Rasbery Pi and its uses in Amateur Radio and an update on his ver sophisticated Echolink / Alstar Node for the Langley Emergency Group. We had a great turn out and our guests enjoyed free coffee and TimBits compliments of the Murriville location of Tim Hortons.  Thank you again David we look forward to having you back again real soon !!!!


June 6th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting This was the last meeting of the year before summer break for the LARA group. And what a year we had! Everyone involved from the Executive down should give themselves a big pat on the back. This year the Executive formed several very active committees, and worked on many items from cleaning up old outdated equipment to updating the Clubs Constitution and Bylaws. A very special thanks to Mr Al Peterson VA7 ALZ for his outstanding contribution in helping us re write these to conform with modern day standards. We put more money in the bank than in previous years without having a raffle, kept repeaters operational during one of the coldest winters on record, and got the club involved once again in local events. We also had several most informative guest speakers as well as some down to Earth show and tells events. The Club will be offering once again communications to the Granfondo Cycle Race over summer, having Field Day events at Derby Reach provincial camp grounds, and offering our services to the Langley Good Times Cruis-in now an even larger event in Aldergrove. Our Local ARES Net and LARA Nets will continue all Summer this year every Monday nights starting at 19:00Hrs we look forward to hearing from everyone there directly or via Echolink, where ever your summer travels may take you.


Thanks again to everyone involved for a great year and look forward to seeing you all in September! 73 Rob VE7AAT…


May 9th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting A very special thanks to Mr David Barber VE7BU for his talk on the Langley Emergency Communicators All Star / Echolink Node he is installing at Hall 7 Once again we have had a wonderful most informative speaker. Thanks again David for your most informative presentation . We hope to have you back for an update in the near future. see VE7LEP

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Also a very Special thanks also to Mr Don Dangelmaier VA7AB for his talk on the up comping MS Walk Sunday May 28th 2017 ( ) here in Langley, BC
Our group will be handling communications during the walk … Please contact Don for more info email for more info…

April 11th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting A very special thanks to Keith VE7SD for bringing his antique Railway workers radio from Motorola. Keith opened her up and showed us how she was built, back in the day when most products were durable and built to last.

Also a very special thanks to Don VA7AB for his interesting display of items beginning with a very compact power supply, an exstreemly heavy duty LED for field day operations, and most impressive of all his 2,000Amp GB70 Jump Start Power Supply (WOW!) 

Im sure everyone enjoyed the meeting as much as I did, lots was learned, and everyone got to discuss each item as they came around the room.. Hats off again to Kieth and Don..

March 14th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting Once again very special thanks to our very own Mr Jim Hurrell VE7HUR for part two of his lecture series on RMS Express. I think it is safe to say everyone one in the room is now able to be up and running using the Telnet side of this system. Thanks again Jim, and look forward to more of your most informative lectures in the futures.

February 14th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting Very special thanks to Mr Jim Hurrell VE7HUR for his wonderful explanation of a Windows based Net Control logging
software for amateur radio RACES / ARES Emergency Communications Net Control operators. As per usual Jim gave a wonderful explanation in easy to understand terms. We look forward to your up coming advanced Windlink Training next month at our March 14th Meeting..

January 10th 2017 L.A.R.A. Meeting: Very special thanks to Mr Jim Hurrell VE7HUR for his wonderful explanation of Winlink using RMSExpress his talk was most informative, we all walked away with a reasonable understanding of how the system works.. We really enjoyed your presentation Jim and hope to have you back again real soon.. See our Facebook and Twitter feeds for images….

November 2016 L.A.R.A. Meeting: Very special thanks to Mr. Ted Lee VE7 LEE  web for his talk and live demonstration of Digital Comunications in Amature Radio. Ted took us from “Stem to Stern” on all of the various modalitys such as C4FM (Fusion), DSTAR, DMR and how they work together Globaly. We sure injoyed this wounderful presentation Ted, and hope to have you back again.

October 2016 L.A.R.A. Meeting: Special thanks to Mr. Allan Munnik for his live demonstration of the very impressive new Icom 7300   Allan did a live demonstration and used various portable antennas. We sure enjoyed your presentation Al and hope to have you back for more in the future.

Education Links

Radio QRV is a US based Ham Radio Educational Web, it is an incredible wealth of information including Videos and diagrams.   Whether you want to experiment with leading edge technologies, help others keep in touch with family and friends, talk with the other side of the world, serve your community, or have a radio for emergency communications when the power goes out, it’s easy to get started in amateur radio.

HAMSTUDY.COM has all the study notes and the complete up-to-date question bank needed in a BASIC and ADVANCED self study course…..

Amateur Radio Exam Generator A learning aid for prospective Amateurs both Basic and Advanced & administrative tool for accredited examiners. Industry Canada….

RAC ExHAMiner V2.5  self-test program for candidates to the Canadian Amateur Radio certification. Runs under Microsoft Windows (reported to work flawlessly on Ubuntu 9.04 + Wine 1.0.1).The files below are ZIPped to reduce bandwidth usage. Extract them to a working folder before use.

LEARN MORSE CODE in one minute ! This is a code listening tool. Print it on your printer.
Place your pencil where it says START and listen to morse code.

Ted Lee VE7LEE is our local expert on digital communications. Here is a recent talk he gave on Digital Amateur Radio in Vancouver.


Local Clubs offering Basic, Advanced and or Morse Code Qualification Courses

Abbotsford Amateur Emergency Services Society

Offers Basic and Advanced Amateur Radio courses. Check their web page for future courses. Next course  BASIC LICENSING COURSE Next Dates Jan 28,29,Feb 4 & 5 (2017)

Delta Amateur Radio Society

Check the website for future course dates.

Contact: Chris Scholefield – VE7QCS
Contact: Delta Amateur Radio

The North Shore Amateur Radio Club

The North Shore Amateur Radio Club is holding an Advanced Amateur Radio Course and a Morse Code course this fall, September 30 – November. We would like if at all possible one month advance registration and payment so that there is time to order the books and pass them out to course participants for study beforehand.

Licensing Course for the Basic Amateur Radio Qualification Course is conducted by the North Shore Amateur Radio Club of Vancouver, B.C.

Contact: Tom Dunn


The Vancouver Emergency Community Telecommunications Organization (VECTOR) Amateur Radio License Preparation & Examination Course can help you prepare for and obtain your Amateur Radio License.

Website: Vector Training info

Chilliwack Amatour Radio Club offers the basic course check for available classes here


The Westcoast Amateur Radio Association (WARA) offers one Amateur Radio Course course per year. It usually starts in the spring, shortly after New Year’s Day, and runs until the beginning of April.  The location is the Search and Rescue BC classroom at 25 West Burnside Road in Victoria BC.

For current/upcoming class information please go to the WARA website and click on Departments | Education.

Contact: Andy Woodsworth, VE7VAW