Here you will find information for L.A.R.A. Nets and local area Nets

Langley Amateur Radio Associations weekly net is held on Monday Evenings at 19:30Hrs Local Time year round. 147.380 +600 Tone 110.9 lara-weekly-net-preamble

ARES Langley holds their weekly Net Monday Evenings at 19:00Hrs Local Time on the Langley VHF Repeter at 147.380 +600 Tone 110.9 ARES PREamble V2.8.0 Nov 2017

CCVT Langley hold their weekley Net Wednesday Evenings at 20:00Hrs Local on the Langley VHF Repeter at 147.380 +600 Tone 110.9

New West club Nets Tuesday night at 7:30pm local on VE7NWR repeater 147.390 – 600 tone of 100 or DMR 443.600

SATERN Net 14265 kHz SSB 1500Z Monday through Saturday – National/International Net

Rainbow Country Net (Presently on 146.940 no Tone) normally on the RNS repeater at 146.260 the rainbow Country Net is held at 09:00Hrs PST with Early Check Ins at 08:45Hrs

Cowichan Vancouver Island Net on the Amazing Island Trunk System starts at 08:15Hrs on 146.680 with a tone of 141.3

Cross Canada Net 14.140 MHz 10:00am PST 18:00UTC Sundays

The Noontime Net is a public service Amateur Radio net that meets every day on 7268.5 kHz. and 3970 kHz. with a secondary frequency of 7283.5 kHz for both nets

Arora Nets The Afternoon Aurora Net meets daily on 40 meters on 7.055 MHz. at 15:30 PST 23:30 UTC

B.C. Public Service Net 3.729 18:30 Hrs PST year round

BC Yukon Traffic Net 02:30 UTC (18:30 PST Winter) Frequency  3.716

The Evening Aurora Net meets Wednesday and Sunday on 7.055 MHz. at 18:30 PST Winter 02.30 UTC If the regular 7.055 MHz. frequency is not usable please try the alternate frequency 7.100 MHz

Ontario SATERN IRLP Net Monday evenings at 21:00 Eastern, 19:00Hrs PST. Reflector 9032

VHF SSB Net every Thursday at 7 p.m. p.s.t on 144.225 SSB / Upper Side Band. More info available on Merlin VE7OR’s QRZ page. (this may require logging in to QRZ to access)

Whiterock Amateur Radio Club hold a weekly 80 m net on Sundays at 7:30PM local at 3.737Mhz. Everyone Welcome

BC Swap Net  3.716 Sunday Nights at 20:00Hrs PST

Wild Card Net 21:00 PST Sunday on VE7RVA 146.610 tone 110.9

Digital Mode Nets and Information  In December of 2016, three C4FM users began meeting in the CQ Vancouver room:  Ted (VE7LE), Jason (VE9CAS) and Denis (VE3BF).  The three radio operators soon formed a friendship and the idea of a Cross-Canada Net was born.

The East Richmond Digital Group (VA7REF) is starting a new world wide net! That will handle both analoque and digital (C4FM format) mode depending on local repeater or node policy.

We will be using the club room which is called CQ-VANCOUVER, room number 11,320 that can be connect via DTMF 21320.

Please connect to the room before 6 PM or 1800 hours Pacific time zone every Wednesday evening starting January 4th, 2017.

For more information, visit the Face Book group at:

Wendsday Night 7pm PST Saltspring Island Net, Saltspring Repeater 147.32o + and CTCSS tone, then switches to c4fm and simplex. See Salt Spring Island Clubs Web for details. VE7RSI

Welcome to Hose line, an online streaming platform for the HAM radio Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Brandmeister network. The project is still under heavy development, so if you encounter bugs, please try again at a later stage…….

Contesting Events and Special Event Stations

The British Columbia QSO Party sponsored by Orca DX and Contest Club. The Spotlight Is on BC  Every year, BCQP gains a higher profile from near and far. This is one of very few regular events that puts BC in a spotlight……

A Commemorative Amateur Radio Special Event Vimy Ridge Fourteen operators will staff the VE100VIMY shack 24 hours per day from April 1st to April 9th 2017 The organizers are recruiting operators with good contest or Dxing skills from as wide a cross section of Canada as is practical….  contact the organizers at

ARRL American Radio Relay League Link to Special Event Stations A-Z   Contact these stations and help commemorate an historical occasion or other special event. Many special event stations provide a special QSL card or certificate.

The Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour is a volunteer-run project that will bring an air show to 97 communities in Northern Canada in order to inspire our youth, educate Canadians, and celebrate one of the greatest regions of our nation during a year of celebration.

2017 will mark the 150th anniversary of confederation