Welcome to the Langley Amateur Radio Associations Web Page!

L.A.R.A. owns and operates two main repeater frequencies in Langley BC

Our main VHF Repeter is VE7RLY Frequency 147.380 with a tone of 110.9 on our North machine and 77. in the South of Langley. We also have a low powered third VHF repeater located to the East in Aldergrove with a tone of 203.5

We also host EchoLink on our VE7RLY VHF Repeater 391965_229352867138390_1311919943_n

Our UHF machine in the South of Langley is at 441.375 with no tone.

We also have a very sophisticated Mobile Emergency Communications Trailer that can be deployed directly to an Emergency. VHF 146.780 and UHF 443.975

We hold our weekly net on our VHF repeater Monday nights at 19:30 Hrs PST year round.

Our Monthly Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 19:00 Hrs PST and are now held at the Douglas Recreation Centre 20550 Douglas Crescent in the City of Langley BC Our next LARA meeting will be March 14th 2017

See our “Education” Page for a list of Educational Talks and Demonstrations at Previous Meetings .

We are uniquely located in the City of Langley BC as well as The Township of Langley BC see our “About” page for more interesting information about Langley, BC

* Here is the latest info regarding Distracted Driving in BC*  electronic-devices-while-driving

If your Langley Non Profit or Service organization Event requires Communications please send us a Note with some details and our Communications committee will get back to you.

11 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thanks for that Merlin you have a fantastic signal into Langley on the in put..

      Check out our Buy and Sell page it’s a work in progress with Links to other buy sell pages..

      Rob VE7AAT


      1. HI Rob – just looking over the web site now. Great job I know its lots of work. I have given Al a flash drive with the Lara History on it. Their are lots of photos there as well. I see you are missing the photos of the Silent Keys that use to belong to the club. I will look to see if I have any. Last one that passed was Terry Lad. It would be nice if we had a photo of her. Might want to check with Robert on that one. Will keep in touch.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Looks great! Good info for all who want info..and then some. Keep up the great work. Maybe some pics of who’s who? Thanks for your good work on our behalves.
    Marilyn. VE7OSS


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